GUITexture size and full screen

Hi! I’ve got some GUITextures in my scene, but when I build the game and run it with the full screen, these GUITextures are in incorrect scale… How can I resize them when the full screen option is on?

you need to set position, rotation and scale values of GUITexture to 0. after that you can fit like the following;

int screenWidth;
int screenHeight;
GUITexture someGui;

void Start(){
screenWidth = Screen.width;
screenHeight = Screen.height;
someGui.pixelInset = new Rect(left, top, width, height); 

note that you need to define left, top, width and height accordingly with screen height and width. for example,

someGui.pixelInset = new Rect(screenWidth * 0,1f, screenHeight * 0,2f, screenWidth * 0,5f, screenWidth * 0,1f);

hope this helps.