GUITextures Appear Stretched

The best way to describe this is to show it, so I’ve attached a screenshot comparing my 512x256 png in iPhoto vs Unity Game window.
alt text

I’m not sure what’s causing it, here’s the texture import settings:
alt text

And the GUITexture settings:

alt text

I am using unity 4.0.1f2 and the problem also persists on 4.0.0f7
This did not happen in 3.5

Is anyone else experiencing this?

stretching is cause by scale…, the scale value x: 0.5 is 50% of width and y: 0.5 is 50% of height of the screen.
then plus the pixel inset width and height of texture.

if you want to maintain the pixel size you should set the scale to 0…
but if you want to make the size always on 50% width and height you should
set the pixel inset x,y,width and height to 0 then scale 0.5