Gun and hand animation tutorial!

I do really have problems to make the gun/hand animations (shoot, reload, etc.)!

Is there a Tutorial on how to animate that? (I am using blender, but probaply it doesnt care which software is used in the tut)

I do really have problems animate the reloading (i just know the bone animation, but that doesnt work(ofcourse)).

Animating the movement of the hand isnt that hard!! I have to use the bones, so thats easy!! But how do i animate the reloading or the gun while shooting or details of the gun?


I do all my animations with bones and don't see a problem to make an animation for the reload. What gives you troubles?

For hands there is a nice tutorial, but to be honest, I haven't tried it in combination with unity yet.

In my own project (also using blender) I parented the gun model to the right hand bone and set up a shooting pose with the gun carefully aimed forward (pos Z in Unity). For the reload animation, I divided the animation into three parts: "reloadPrep", "reloadClip", and "reloadFinish". Initially the magazine object is parented to the gun model. I then script a "Reload" function that first plays the "reloadPrep" (in which the left hand reaches back to grab the magazine object), then yields for the length of that animation clip. It then parents the magazine object to the left hand bone and plays the "reloadClip" animation (in which the magazine is taken offscreen and brought back), then yields again. Finally parent the magazine object back to the gun model and play the final "reloadFinish" animation.