Gun not move as fast as first person controller

How can I have it so my gun doesn’t turn as fast as my first person controller to be kinda real. The first person controller is called FPCuzi it is a parent of Main Camera which is a parent of uzi.

making the gun a child of the camera will make it instant… so…
try something like this…

detach the gun so its not parented.
instead parent an empty object to the camera, so its a child of the camera, call it ‘gunPos’
and place gunPos at the position where you want your gun to appear relative to the camera. (probably your old gun’s position)

make a little script on the gun. something like this…

public Transform parentTran; //drag the gunPos object onto this
public float catchUpSpeed = .1f; //tweak this between 0 and 1 (none to instant)

transform.position= parentTran.position; //copy gun to be at position of gunPos
transform.forward = Mathf.lerp(transform.forward, parentTran.forward, catchUpSpeed);

I found a fix…
Take everything that is a child of your player object and make them to where the player object is no longer there parent, then delete the player object, select your main camera then click component then character then fps controller. After that make everything at was a child of the player a child of your main camera and boom problem fixed!

Are you have a child with collider in the Main Camera?

You have to remove the collider under the Main Camera.