Gun object following mouse.

How do i get my gun to point at and follow the mouse. Also how do i get my mouse pointer to become a cross hair or something like that.

This script makes the mouse a texture.

var texture : Texture2D;

function Start () {
    Screen.showCursor = false;

function OnGUI () {
    var vectorx = Input.mousePosition.x;
    var vectory = Input.mousePosition.y;
    GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(vectorx-15,-vectory + Screen.height-15,30,30),texture);

if you're making a first-person, just drag the gun to the camera, so it becomes a child of it. childs follow a relative position and orientation from their parents. so, if the parent (in this case, the camera) moves, it will move too. remember to position the gun correctly inside the camera's field of view.