Gun sparks when firing gun.

I have been wondering how to add sparks to an fps game. I followed a tutorial and it still isnt working. I downloaded the official tutorial, but i used the tutorial on youtube. It was almost exactly the same as the official tutorial, except he put it in his own words. I would like to know if i need a script, but i dont want to know what tutorial. Please dont yell at me, im just a beginner!!!

dude. ok. it’s clear you’re a beginner. please consider starting with a basic tutorial, not the FPS demo. That thing is huge and complex and, while it demonstrates a lot of great things about unity, it does not really benefit an absolute beginner. I’m not saying this to be mean, I honestly think you would be better off starting with things like instantiation and movement.

haha thats cool well im 13years old but im no beginner i have made scripts models animations my own smart water free no help i good hahahaha but yea you will need a script for a muzzle flash. Go here this man on utube will help i hpe i dont have a link but type this in-
013unity3d: how top make your gun shoot using ray cast (java script)-part 1-10
long but he has a lit of answers.and for you beginners pleaze read the dirrections for your sake. i have been using unity 2.5 years now and i am a script making modeling game production spectaculare scene, 2.5 yaers clueless haha all because i dint read any dirrections at all and only asked one favor" how to get water in unity" then i dint no what a script whas but i can make the now so best of luck. IF ANY 1 NO’S WEBSITES WITH FREE 3D STUDIO MODLES BESIDES TERBOSQUID AND THE ASSET STORE PLEAZE REPLY A ANSWER REAL FAST. THANKS

I AGREE! you have to walk before you can run. not the other way around for the moment dont think about the guns, you need to start thinking about your terrain first. i reccomend you download bootcamp. listen carfely,when you go to the asset store download it then it will atomaticly go onto your scene when it has been imported. now take all the prefabs scripts guns terrain put it into your project, but first make a folder in project name it bootcamp all or what ever. ok now do file new scene. wola you got the best m4in unity you can get free, now search ( helicopter cut scene ) drag it into the new scene and dubble click on it in hiarchy it will zoom in to it delete all the stuff but the uh helicopture. whaen you have done so make a prefab in project then go to-hiarchy and drag the huey in wola bet heli in unity 3d free of charge. ok there you have modles solders guns soldier command scripts make your scene and then come bake when you have made a amazing scene for you gun man(fps) and fine scripts online to copy like the searck link i gave you and put it all on paper the incorperate it in to a script and the you are in

Might be to late, but look at eteeski tutorials on youtube. He’s really good at explaining what it does and showing you how to do it