gun trough walls 2

hey gus i ones readed a tut on how to fix the problem on the gun trough the walls it was like duplicate the main player camere of the first person player name the camera Gun camera parrent the gun to camera 2 the cun cam and tweake the guns layers to onley a weapon layer that i alreddy added and Gun Camera s layers also only to the weapons layer that i must do somthg with the Gun cams range of the cam end i most tweak the skybox thing to solid only i think but i dont know for shure

does anyone know this tut or how to fix this please tell me thanks

Depth Only

If you wanted to draw a player's gun without letting it get clipped inside the environment, you would set one Camera at Depth 0 to draw the environment, and another Camera at Depth 1 to draw the weapon alone. The weapon Camera's Clear Flags should be set to to depth only. This will keep the graphical display of the environment on the screen, but discard all information about where each object exists in 3-D space. When the gun is drawn, the opaque parts will completely cover anything drawn, regardless of how close the gun is to the wall.

The gun is drawn last, after clearing the depth buffer of the cameras before it.