Guns and adding guns

I need help adding guns. Like everytime i add a gun it wont show up and if i try to put it next to my player it doesnt do anything. Please i need help if someone could get Teamviewer at and help me that would be awesome.

If you want to add and select different weapons, the most usual approach is the following:

1- Create an empty object, call it “weapons”, child it to the camera and adjust its position and rotation to the place where the weapons will be.

2- Child all possible weapons to the “weapons” object while in the Editor (adjust position and orientation of each one).

3- Attach a selection script like this to the “weapons” object:

function Start(){
  SelectWeapon(0); // start with weapon 0 (use -1 for no weapon)

function Update(){
  if (Input.GetKeyDown("1")) SelectWeapon(0);
  if (Input.GetKeyDown("2")) SelectWeapon(1);
  if (Input.GetKeyDown("3")) SelectWeapon(2);

function SelectWeapon(num: int){
  for (var i: int = 0; i < transform.childCount; i++){
    transform.GetChild(i).gameObject.SetActiveRecursivelly(i == num);

A similar approach is used in the FPS Tutorial project: download it and follow its manual - you will learn a lot about FPS games.