Gvr/Cardboard: Adjust position of left/right eye cameras manually

For a Cardboard app I need to set the x position of my MainCameraLeft and my MainCameraRight to 0. However, by default the left camera moves to about x = -0.03 and the right cam to about x = 0.03, even if I changed the values in the inspector (–> see below).
I assume the values might have been hardcoded by Google. Everytime I hit play the x positions jump back to about -0.03 / 0.03.
Unfortunately I can´t find anywhere how I can can change the x positions to zero.
Can anyone tell me?
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Greets Matt

On the Stereo Controller component (attached to Main Camera), set the Stereo Multiplier to 0. If you do this in the editor, it will take effect when you play. If you do this in code at runtime, call UpdateStereoValues() on the same component to tell it to recompute all the stereo transforms.

Yep, this works.
I tried the first possibility on the GUI.
This works for me, scripting is not necessary in my case (but I tried it because I was curious, anyway :smiley: )
I noticed, I tried the GUI solution before. However, I was a bit puzzled because the right and the left images are not identical, but after watching the cameras move more precisely I can see now this is the way to go!
Thanks you!