GVR Pointer Physics Raycaster distance

I’m using GVR SDK 1.70 in Unity 2017.1.0f3

I have a mostly functioning GVR game. However, colliders stop being triggered when they are moved away from the camera. If I check “Draw Debug Rays” on the GVR Pointer Physics Raycaster, it looks like the range of the raycaster is pretty limited.

Any suggestions on how I could increase the distance at which the raycaster checks for collisions?

For anyone else that runs into this problem, you can change the raycast distance by adjusting RETICLE_DISTANCE_MAX in GvrReticlePointer.cs

Has this changed since you posted this?

i cannot seem to find the value you have posted and the only things similiar in the script are

  /// Minimum distance of the reticle (in meters).
  public const float RETICLE_DISTANCE_MIN = 1000000f;

  /// Maximum distance of the reticle (in meters).
  public float maxReticleDistance = 1000000f;

neither seem to do anything even set very high as you see here