gyroscope or accelrometer??

First, sorry for bad english

im trying to make something silmilar to doodle jump, a character controlled by the inclination of the device (ios) but im little confused about why i need to use

why is better to try, gyroscope or accelerometer?

i just buy a ipod touch 4g but before i have a ipod 2g and so many applications work in similar way, and dont have a gyroscope

any can help? and if you have some tutorial or example code, will be great :slight_smile:

thanks for your help.

I haven’t played Doodle jump, but if you want to control a character based on the current tilt of the phone, then either the gyroscope or the accelerometer will do the trick, though the gyro is probably better.

The gyro tells you the rotatation around the axis of the phone relative to a starting point which iirc is phone upright with screen facing south.

The accelerometer will tell you the direction of force being applied to the phone, which most of comes from gravity. You can then calibrate a starting direction and measure the change off that compared to static axis.