Hack N' Slash RPG Combat System

Well hello there! I’m kinda new to Unity and i’ve had this idea about making a hack n slash dungeon cralwer rpg (Diablo-like game) but i wonder if it is possible to create a similar combat system. You know, to be able to target the enemy by taking the mouse over and then press the click while over him and the player will move for attack(not for click to move like the script i have right now.) Any tips or even the code itself? Thank you!

Entirely possible, but you will have to have some experience in scripting. Check out Petey’s tutorials on Youtube: BurgZerg Arcade - YouTube

Well, considering that you’re new to Unity, there’s no better place to start than by watching a tutorial Right Here for two reasons: One, you’ll get a feel for how to actually do things in Unity, and two, because it’s exactly what you want to do.

It goes over everything from health bars to animations to character customization and destroying bad guys (of course).

Granted it’s a long tutorial, but it’s well worth it. I used it to learn basics about the GUI in Unity along with legacy animation.

The last time I checked I don’t think that you’ll find how to do an overhead camera, but believe me when I say that it’ll become a LOT easier when you play around with Unity for a little while longer and realize how certain code works.

My 2c on the rest of the code is using Raycasting (from the mouse position) to find the “Hero” GameObject and then moving him to his location with a transform.Translate(). (That’s a really dumbed down version, but it’ll at least get the character to move)