Halftone Shader issues

Hi there, I’m trying to experiment with Shaders for my project and am trying to learn how to make a comic-style half-tone effect (I’m new to Shader Graph). I started following this tutorial finished it, however there’s one step in here that mystifies me and has resulted in my shader not working as it should.

Halftone Effect in Unity (from Kirby Star Allies) - YouTube

At around 1:49, he suddenly makes a “Main Light” node in the shader. This seems to be a sub-graph or script of some kind, but the reference he points to is based on LWRP, which is depreciated, and the author of the script he’s referencing altered his directories all over the place to update them (they’re still out of date now) so it’s confusing. I’m using URP so that doesn’t work. Could anyone advise me on what to do here? It’s the only step I’m missing.

He most likely used a custom function node Custom Function Node | Package Manager UI website

to get data from the Main Light like color and intensity. Unity uses that technique for the toon shader for their open project here open-project-1/UOP1_Project/Assets/Shaders at main · UnityTechnologies/open-project-1 · GitHub you can see in the folder Custom HLSL a file called Custom lighting which is using in the custom fuction node to get data from the main light you can download the shaders and see how it works for youself, although I don’t know if that is the same file the youtube video used.