Hand detection

I have a question about the virtual environment manipulation with Oculus Rift and Soft Kinetic. Now I just want to set up some simple tests. So I have a cube in the environment, then I attach a box collider to it. I wrote a simple script on c# and attached it to the cube. What I was trying to do is when my hand is colliding with the box, the box changes material. My hand script is attached to an empty object called GameObject. It basically will draw the hand and set the the position to the hand center position. The position of GameObject is set to be the average of the left and right eye position of the OVRCameraController. The problem here is the box only detects the collision between my OVRCameraController and the box, not my hand. Anybody has any clue on this?


This is a fairly basic collision question confounded a bit, I think by the Oculus stuff. Your hand object, or the cube needs to have a RigidBody element in order to collide correctly. Additionally, you should read up on general collision here:


and here’s a tutorial: