Handheld Camera Shake (Constant Shake)?

Hello, Unity community! I was wondering how do I make this cinematic effect by script, but even after hours of research I couldn’t find anything related to this. The only thing that I’ve seen is just an “one hit impact” kinda thing. By the research that I made, I was thinking that maybe you could achieve a very smooth camera shake with noise generation. Please note that I’m completely new to anything related to C#. Thank you very much!

1st I strongly recomend Cinemachine

This makes doing things like this with cameras a lot easier. If you have this then what you could do is set up 2 vCams

1 that is your stable cam
1 that has camera wobble on it (feature of Cinemachine) set to a high frequency so its jaring

Then to start the shake you simply turn on the wobble camera … to stop it turn it off.

this will work if your stable cam has a lower priority than your wobble cam … so no need to turn stable cam off … wobble cam will override it and the system will blend between them so no jerking at all.

Finally put both of these in a GameObject to act as a common root or have both of them track on the same target … for info on that and what I mean their please study up on Cinemachine.

This tool will let you do most things with zero code, the rest you can do with very little code … highly recomend it.