Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie doesn't work


I’ve got a problem to play video on android devices.
I check all the setup to make this and search to many forums with no succes.
Here is my script :

var CniVidPathOne : String = "StreamingAssets/Anim 1 Cnidaire-Retake.mp4";

function Update () {

function PlayStreamingVideo(url : String){

	yield WaitForEndOfFrame();

My problem is that the video doesn’t play on the device (and not on the unity game when it isn’t built). A black screen appears during one second and after that nothing…

  • I’ve got unity pro 4.6.1 with android pro.
  • The video’s format is mp4
  • I put the video in an StreamingAssets folder
    Can anyone explain me how it works or where is my mistake?

Works for me.

You should use the URL without “StreamingAssets/”. If it still does not work - something may be wrong with the video codec.