Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie method always returning true for iOS on Unity 5.3.1

Before migrating our project from Unity 4 to Unity 5, we used to receive true for this method if video is cancelled (for example, if user minimizes the game and come back to it), and false if user lets the movie end, because we wanted our users to watch the movie until the end.

But now with Unity 5.3, the method is always returning true, even if the user lets the movie finish, like if he was always cancelling it.
This happens only in the iOS devices, for Android it is working just fine with the same code.

I would like to know if there can be any other issue that is causing this behavior, if anyone had this, or if this came with the latest versions of Unity.

In the Scripting API, you can see that the method returns a bool, but there is nothing in the documentation about what it is. We discovered what this return does by testing:

Experiencing the same issue here. I’m just hopping onto a bug now, but this is consistently returning true on iOS, not documented, and it appears my predecessor was using it for the same purpose of detecting a skip.

Currently using 5.3.4p6