Hands Occlusion

Is it possible to have 3D objects occlude your passthrough hands? I have seen this in MR apps but I would like to be able to have this feature in full immersive as well.

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Not what I meant, this toggle makes your passthrough hands be shown or not. What I would like is to show passthrough hands but be able to occlude them with virtual content (so they aren’t always “on top”)

Here is how I experienced; my hands are shown as opaque if they are closer to my eyes aka camera -when nothing blocks them-, and they are shown as transparent if they are occluded by a virtual object. I think this is platform implementation if you choose the Upper Limb Visibility turned on.

I have experienced that in polyspatial MR, are you saying you saw that in Full immersive? I havent experienced that in full immersive

Aah sorry yeah it was in MR. But in VR it could be either fully visible or not afaik.

Does the Upper Limb Visibility setting only work for standalone builds? I couldn’t get it to work for Play to Device.

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It seems like the play to device app was compiled with the “upper-limb-visibility” flag turned off. I also experienced that the hands are always behind the content in MR when using Play-to-device even if the flag is turned on in settings. So it seems like we need to create a build whenever we want to see the correct result.

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You are right about this. We build the Play To Device app with upper limb visibility turned off, and this is not something you can currently change at runtime, so we aren’t able to replicate the setting from the Editor. I’ve logged a task in our internal task tracker to investigate enabling this, but at the moment you will need to make builds in order to test content with upper limb visibility enabled.