Сhange scene condition with second click C#

Hi, guys

I don’t even try to write script in here because I know how is be silly.
But I know what to do, just don’t know how is will be correctly. This is not an order ))

I have already script in which I click on 2D object and animation is starting play, GetMouseButtonDown, etc (thanks to user who answered in other my question).

So, all I need is another click when animation is playing and then scene is changed.

I think create new collider in animation is the solution, but i don’t sure, it sounds overloaded.
So that the problem is considered to second click. I have no idea.

Let me do this.


if you are referring to this question Click on object and play animation\sound C# script then try this

bool clickedOnce = false;
string levelToLoad = "Next Level";

void Update ()
    if ((Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0)))
        if (!clickedOnce)
            if ((animator != null) && (animationTrigger != ""))
            clickedOnce = true;