hangs running Node.exe and UPM.exe

hi all
first time posting because Unity has never gave me an issue in the last 10 years until now.

so finally updated unity from 5.4.5 to the latest build (2018) in order to get the built in AR tools. after a clean install the program hangs on splash screen. i found it hangs running a few Server side javascripts … Node.exe and UPM.exe

after a few days of trying everything i could find on google… i fixed the first error (Node.exe) by manually unzipping packages from

C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Data\Resources\Packages
C:\Users oms pc\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Packages

This got me passed the splash screen and into the project select screen. but now after i start a new project or pick a project i already have it hangs on the 2ed issue (upm.exe) … guessing this collects the packages for the project…

So at this point i can get unity started but W\O packages. After two days of trying anything i could find online i cant fix the 2ed error (upm.exe)

i have no anti virus or firewalls blocking anything… and i tried going back to 5.4.5 but it wont install now… i was able to get 5.0.0 to install but it to old to use… if anyone can help it would be sweet

thank you

alt text

this is the error