Hard directional shadows?

I want hard directional shadows but when I set the shadows to hard they look like this

This is not what I want, I dont want any antialiasing at all. For refrence this is what hard shadows from a point light looks like (thats what I want, how do I get it?)

The problem is the shadow resolution you are using. Change it to very high on light inspector or the quality settings and you should achieve the result you need.

I had the same problem. The settings I changed to get a good result was in Quality Settings:

Shadow Projection: Close Fit Shadow Cascades: No Cascades

My understanding is light is additive if you have a directional light with high intensity you will not see other point lights. Try decreasing the strength of the light that is over powering the others. A directional light always gives hard angles because it is not defined as a point you are only defining an angle for light to be cast. A point light you can move around and it has drop off whereas a directional light does not. You should read the documentation before you post. You do not get smooth shadows with a directional light - use point lights for that. Just like if you take a lighter outside on a bright day you won’t really notice the light that it gives off.