Hard edges on bloom effects (pps 2.0) in VR project

Bloom effect from the post processing stack 2.0 is causing really bad banding right in the center of the screen with a VR project in Multi-Pass Stereo mode.

I’ve changed many of the settings and it makes no difference. Seeing this in Gamma and Linear color space.

Any of you seen this before, or could recommend a solution?

Same problem here! Have you found a solution?

I just got the same problem! Anyone found a solution?

I, I had the same issue but finally find the solution:
the issue come from the old version of post processing stack 2.0, You can upgrade the version to solve this bloom effect artefact in package manager → post processing and choose a newest version by clicking the arrow next to “post processing”.
I changed to v3.1.1 and it solved my problem.