Hard Shadows on Unity 4.2 not working on Android

Hi everyone,

I have this level with a simple terrain and trees painted on it using the Paint tree tool. I also have one directional light on the scene. I wanted to try out Unity 4.2 Hard Shadows (made available on the free version). When exporting to Mac or Windows, the shadows work, but when I export to Android, the level takes longer to load and doesn’t have shadows. Is this functionality simply not available on mobile platforms, or is there something special which must be done for it to work?

I’m having the same issue, I looked into it and it seems we can’t have hard shadows on Android.

“GL_OES_depth_texture support. Most notably, Tegra-based Android devices do not have it, so shadows are not supported there.”

I have an Acer A500, which is a tegra based device (unfortunately) but here
people have got it working on their device.