Hard Surface Shaders Pro

I bought Hard Surface Shaders Pro.

I opened Scenes/ Hard Surface Pro Demo.unity.
but magenta color is appear, In the part of the model.

Why not ?

Unity free 3.4.1f5
Mac OSX 10.7

Sorry, I found.

“Requires Unity Pro 3.3+”

I have also git errors like this : ( Assets/Resources/NewScripts/HelicopterHealth.js(45,20): BCW0012: WARNING: ‘UnityEngine.GameObject.SetActiveRecursively(boolean)’ is obsolete. gameObject.SetActiveRecursively() is obsolete. Use GameObject.SetActive(), which is now inherited by children. ), after i installed this. All scripts got that error and i dont know how to fix it. The question is why do this, why not specified in this package "your game will no longer work if you do not know scripting ?