Hardware Cursor works on editor but not on build

Im on a Mac Mini and if i put my mouse over the in game windows i get the hardware cursor i set on Player settings, but i get the default mouse when I hover over the game on a build…

Any ideas?

Ive debugged this code and it actually goes through the single line on the Start event, yet i get no change on the cursor.
This is the code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class CursorAsignation : MonoBehaviour {
	public Texture2D cursorTexture;
	public CursorMode cursorMode = CursorMode.Auto;
	public Vector2 hotSpot = Vector2.zero;
	void Start () {
	    // when we mouse over this object, set the cursor
	    Cursor.SetCursor(cursorTexture, hotSpot, cursorMode);

Remember to set the texture type to “Cursor” in the Inspector.


It only seems to work properly if you assign the cursor in code using SetCursor in a Start or Awake function.

I wish I had figured out the Cursor texture type in my last project. I spent a bunch of time scripting the cursor when all I had to do was change that one setting.