Harry Potter project

I want to make Hogsmeade village http://images.wikia.com/harrypotter/images/7/78/Hogsmeade.JPG , with LOD 8 House models , Hard surface sculpted with Mudbox and HQ textured , with real time snow effect , day , night cycle , sun shraft and glow effect , rain on windows effect , thunder light effect flying birds , animated animals , animated people , real snow shader , HQ fire effect , smoke effects , fog , wet shader , HQ water , 3D volumetric light’s and some post effects (DOF , SSAO , Glow . .) , is this posible in UNITY 3.3 , and specialy LOD 8 , 9 ?

Should be possible.

If I’m honest and I don’t mean to inhibit your idea but if you aren’t familiar with unity then I don’t think you’ll manage it as your first project, I’d recommend making a few smaller easier games to begin with so you get to grips with the engine and coding. Im pretty sure its possible though, I hope this helps!

i must make this game :smiley: , only i need to study 3d modelling and texturing , scripting for day night cycle and shader’s . but i have visual shader for UNITY , only problem is modeling and texturing , i have low end PC , 2gb ram ,dual core cpu and 512 gpu l, i need to buy high end PC with 8-16Gb ram , AMD X6 or i7 cpu , GTX460 GPU and new monitor (23-24’’ 1080p) , good cooling system , when i start develop , i’ll make forum and site for update and preview screenshot . thanx for answer :slight_smile:

i want to speed up process , i’ll work with models LOD 8-10 (1 million - 100 million polygon’s) with HQ textures and shaders ,i need stability without Out of memory crash’s and more speed .