Has any one had any success with using the MongoDB driver with Unity5?


Previously I was using mongoDB with 4.6, there was dll someone had posted within the forums that was working. However I have now upgraded my project to 5, and now when ever I try to use a function from the mongoDB driver, my editor crashes. I have tried the new driver from mongo aswell as the 1.9.2 driver. I placed the DLL’s in Assets/Plugins.

You should look at my old answer here. I have added the comment with new dlls and the solution to fix it manually in driver’s source code.

This is a little late, but for future reference, if you do not want to use dll’s and connect to a MongoDB Realm VM through WebGL, I have a written a small repo that walks you through the process here

Hello friend or you are a veteran or you like retro Because you know Unity 5 is obsolete now we all use from 2018 onwards and that controller if it works is the only thing I will say
I hope I’ve helped

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