Has anybody tried to configure NetBeans as the script editor

I was wondering how difficult it would be to use NetBeans and if you could get it to recognize the Unity API so that you could see fields and functions that are available for an object.

As others have commented, Unity's Javascript is not really Javascript. It's actually a pity that they chose the name, as it is bound to cause confusion. A lot of us ended up calling it UnityScript, which is how the (still in beta) MonoDevelop refers to it.

It's a different language for a different platform.

If you want autocomplete, you have other options:

  • Wait for Unity 3, as the still-in-progress MonoDevelop supports UnityScript as a first-class language.
  • While it is out, you can use FlashBang Studios' UnityDevelop, which is Windows-only.

UnityDevelop is not supported and might not be actively developed, but since you only need it until Unity 3 you probably will be fine.