Has anyone blogged about the performance improvements from Unity 4 to Unity 5?

I realise it's early days, but as people start migrating projects from 4 to 5 is anyone finding the new 'multi-tasking' version of Unity 5 to be a lot faster ( on multi-core systems )?

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I don't blog, but I noticed simple things are now simple to the editor too :)

It used to take a few gruelling seconds to play a scene of any complexity, but that's almost instant now. It already had improved compile-launch speeds in 4.5, but 5.0 seems even faster. Compiling (shaders and scripts) no longer takes the bulk of my day, but upgrading a project is unbelievably slow. Once upgraded it's better than ever.

Handling store-bought assets is at its worst for me. First try to update new assets caused a hang, second try it was responding very slowly. Even viewing release notes was a pain. It doesn't help that it tries to download everything at once, rather than queue up downloads like a sane person would do, when you click "update all". That's one part where we'd prefer a little less multi-tasking ;)

The 64 bit editor is a million times better, not sure on builds, but the webgl runs surprisingly well.

I couldn't get the oculus running cause it wouldn't find the plugin in the plugins folder.

I already have these issues with 4.5.x, seems this is not a "feature" of Unity 5.

Yeah, I think that’s “backwards compatibility” :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking more along the lines of an analysis of a game running in 4 vs the game running in 5 using the profiler and FPS data.

Doubt anyone has a fully running game in 5 yet….still needs a lot of work…

edit:: Yesterday for example I made a new project, imported Shooter AI, and it would crash every time I tried to open the demo scene. Other scenes would open fine.

I believe Facepunch have migrated the Rust experimental branch over to 5.0 but you'd have to check. We'll do some comparisons once we migrate Folk Tale but that won't be until later in the beta.

Yes, Rust is running on Unity 5.

My game is fully ported. But its not released. Or good :0

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Can't tell since I'ms till waiting for Vita version grumbles

me test scene from 32bit to 64bit has an fps increase of 310% !!! :)

I don't think that would be from 32 vs 64 bit. Most likely due to some other optimizations we did.

yes, my bad, big part of it was my layout change i forgot i had editor view up with game view...
still big improvement tho :)

do you know how much a difference Grahpics.DrawProcedural is to the normal triangle based Mesh?