Has anyone had success using touch input or S Pen to work with the Unity editor?

I recently purchased a Samsung XE700T1C-A02US which runs the full Windows 8 operating system. So far I have had no problems using any programs (Paint.Net, Audacity, Internet Explorer, and others) with only the S Pen that came with the computer. Unity however does not respond to any clicks made with the pen. It will show the cursor and hover properly, just like any of the other programs, but the clicks themselves don’t seem to be getting picked up. Using my finger I can sometimes get a response, but that still doesn’t work most of the time. Everything works great using the track pad or an external mouse, but I’d really like to use the pen if possible. Any ideas?


I have the same Unity editor issue with Microsoft Surface Pro 2 touch/pen input. I found that there is a mismatch between where Unity thinks the cursor is and where the cursor is shown on the screen.

Unity takes pen coordinates correctly but assigns them as delta movement to the Unity internal cursor position. Therefore, even if you hold the pen still in position (10,-5), the cursor moves in the next screen update to (20,-10), then (30,-15), (40,-20) and so on. This constant erratic movement cannot be seen because the visual cursor position is handled by Windows, not Unity.

It’s like trying to play an FPS game using pen tablet as a mouse… aiming becomes near impossible. If your S Pen has “mouse mode” option available, that will fix the clicks. But then the cursor won’t be fixed to where you pen is pointing at. :frowning:

I think it might be possible to create a Unity Editor script that uses Event.current.mousePosition and Event.current.delta to manipulate the cursor position into its proper coordinates. But I haven’t done any Editor scripting before so I can’t promise anything.