Has anyone had Unity crash and DELETE their level??

I was simply using Unity, closed the software, and a crash screen came up, asking me to ‘tell unity’ about the crash. After that, I restarted the program, and couldn’t find my file. ?!???

Simon, thanks for the guidance. I’ve already seen that post, and did the search as it said. Nothing was found.

Kiloblargh. So you’ve never once become so engrossed in your work to the point you forget to save? Have at least some consideration instead of only contempt. Unity has been stable up until this point. Problem is, I expect software to remain stable, and if it isn’t then I expect it to at least NOT delete the crashed file when an exception causes a program to die, and an assumed ‘normal’ exit is run. I’ve never once seen a software that does that, and it needs to be reconsidered. Highly complex programs like 3DS Max (from the 1st release) have crashed frequently, and they finally chose to add an autosave feature, with autobak files iterated through repeatedly upon a static time setting. Pretty smart idea for when work becomes engrossing like it does for anyone that loves their work.