Has anyone made Android build on Unity5?

I just need to see the exact combination of Android SDK requirements. Unity 5 is lying to me with error messages, where everything should already be installed. I was able to make a build with Unity 4. Also that SDK installation setup is just latest attempt. I’ve been mixing and trying many different combinations with various versions, but i can’t find any one that works.

Error message: Minimum platform required is Android 5.0 (API level 21). If i click continue, it will fail and stop the build process.

Hi dear

I find the solution :

Go to your android SDK Manager root folder (e.g : “C:\ProgramFiles\Android”)
At root find “Platforms” folder and inside of it rename your folder if you have “Android_5.0.1” or any thing like that to “android_21” or this style {“Android_”+“Api Level Number e.g:(22 or …)” } if your api is 22 you can rename folder to “Android_22”

the 2nd way :
Go to your unity3d edit>> preferences>> External tools >> Android SDK location not setted properly.

the 3th way :
Re install your SDK manager in another place

the 4th way :
Download the latest versions of SDK manager and tools

the 5th way :
Use Android Studio as Android SDK manager

If this answer is solve your problem like it :smiley:

Re install the adroid sdk files and then put unity3d edit>> preferences>> External tools >> Android SDK location . it shoud work fine :smiley:

Please submit a bug report. It should detect installed platforms correctly.

Hey mates, I did everything in this post and nothing working…So what’s happening?
I’ve tried uninstall unity and install again, but it didn’t work as well. I used Unity 5.3.2, 5.3.3 and 5.3.4. The same error.
Tks in advanced.

Tried everything here… and I think on the entire web. Always end up with “type and namespace” errors. I’m guessing no has actually been able to build to Android from Unity, they just post stuff that clearly doesn’t work, type “It works!” then move on to Unreal 4 like everyone else.