has been disabled as it's not supported on the current platform.

The image effect Main Camera (DepthOfFieldScatter) has been disabled as it’s not supported on the current platform.
PostEffectsBase:ReportAutoDisable() (at Assets/Standard Assets/Image Effects (Pro Only)/PostEffectsBase.js:112)
DepthOfFieldScatter:CheckResources() (at Assets/Standard Assets/Image Effects (Pro Only)/DepthOfFieldScatter.js:62)
PostEffectsBase:Start() (at Assets/Standard Assets/Image Effects (Pro Only)/PostEffectsBase.js:71)

Same thing happens with any other Image effects I’m trying to add. Any solution?

Hey, I just had the same problem as you too!
Then I just opened up File - Build Settings and select player settings, then I repick the Rendering Path as Deferred Lighting even though it’s already checked. Then the Image Effects works again, hope it’s not too late to tell you

is there anyway to use ImageEffects in 2022?