Has the player loaded the ad in their browser?

I have a game in which I would like to avoid spamming ads, therefore I came up with a creative solution, which includes me checking if any ad has been clicked(loaded into the browser).

admobInterstitial.AdLeftApplication would work fine if the user has choosen the “Always” option on the “Complete action using” menu list. Yet if not, AdLeftApplication is being called on opening the “Complete action using” menu list and this way the player can cheat and not actually loaded the ad.

How can I check if the player has loaded the ad in their browsers?

An answer is H I G H L Y appreciated here! Ideas on comments can’t be bad as well. There must be a way!

You can check the browser history of the user to verify against the ad link URL.

Here are some links for how to do it in Android.

You also need to write a plug-in in Unity to access this native Android code.