Has there been any progress with developing the Unity Summer of Code Cutscene editor?

Back in August, this post regarding the Unity Summer of Code - Cutscene Editor ran on the Unity 3D Blog:


Does anyone know if there has been progress made, or better yet, a release date announced? A colleague of mine is looking for a way to create in game cut-scenes easily and I remembered reading about this.

Any updates you may know of or other solutions for in-game cutscene creation is helpful.


A few weeks ago - and I can't say when since the article is not dated - there was an interview on GameDev.net about it, and it made it sound like it was completed, just unreleased. I haven't heard anything else since.

From Tom Higgins on Unify Community:

Posted: Tue May 04, 2010 10:02 pm Post subject:

And I’m back with an update…

Unfortunately the Cutscene Editor is officially "on ice" and isn't slated for full completion as part of last year's USoC program. It just wasn't up to par when the completion date passed (nor after in a padding period) and it's just not on the radar to get tidied up. Unfortunately not all USoC projects were finished as planned despite mighty efforts by all involved!

In the spirit of this old initiative, we have developed a CutScene editor.
It’s simply called CutScene, and available in the Unity Asset Store.
Check out the online manual and tutorials.