Has Vector3.SignedAngle() been removed?

The static method Vector3.SignedAngle() is documented (see link below), but it is undefined. Visual Studio’s intellisense doesn’t recognize it and when I write the name of the method myself, it tells me that there’s no definition for it.

Has it been removed? Never implemented?

I’m just curious. I am not looking for a replacement.


It hasn’t been **removed **but it has been added recently. If you don’t have that method you most likely do have an older version. As you can see in the documentation you have linked the first version where that method exists is “2017.1”

The online documentation documents the latest stable Unity version. If you want to know if something exists in your Unity version you may want to check the offline documentation (which you have to install with Unity).

I don’t have the latest Unity version and i know for sure that i don’t have that method.

Yeah, it happened to me as well. I am using Unity 5.6.0, it thow me an error in unity console that Vector3.SignedAngle is not defined.