Have 2D Sprite Follow the Mouse in Straight Line

First Question: Have 2D Sprite Follow the Mouse

Alright so I am creating a “2D Tank” game where the player controls a 2D tank that you move around with your mouse. It simply will follow the mouse around. What I’m stuck on is actually getting that to work :-\ I’ve tried everything that I am aware of, but I just can’t get it to move the way I would like it too.

It would simply move at a slow speed and follow wherever the mouse is, and if it ever reaches the mouse it just stays put.

So to my understanding it would move the X and Y to the mouse. Could anybody help me with some example code? I just need the basic, everything else I can pretty much do myself. Even just a link to a Doc would be amazing.

Here is some code I have:

private var mouseX: int;
private var mouseY: int;

function Update() {
mouseX = Input.mousePosition.x;
mouseY = Input.mousePosition.y;

worldPos = camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(Vector3(mouseX, mouseY, 10));

if (worldPos.y > transform.position.y) {
	transform.Translate(Vector3.up * Time.deltaTime);
} else if (worldPos.y < transform.position.y) {
	transform.Translate(Vector3(0, -1, 0) * Time.deltaTime);

if (worldPos.x > transform.position.x) {
	transform.Translate(Vector3.right * Time.deltaTime);
} else if (worldPos.x < transform.position.x) {
	transform.Translate(Vector3(-1, 0, 0) * Time.deltaTime);

This, however, causes the tank to drive faster one way (Y or X) and then even out, rather than move in a straight line. Here is an image of what I mean:

Tank Movement, how it is and what I want.

First thing I'd check is if `worldPos` gives a logical position. If your input data is bad, your output result will of course be as bad ;)

Then :


DistanceBetweenDestinationAndTank = SquareRoot((Destination.x - Tank.x)^2 + (Destination.y - Tank.y)^2)
// The following allows the tank to go always at the same speed, without going over the mouse position
MaxDistance = TankSpeedPerSecond * TimeSinceLastFrameInSeconds
If DistanceBetweenDestinationAndTank > MaxDistance Then
    DistanceToGo = MaxDistance
    DistanceToGo = DistanceBetweenDestinationAndTank
// Unit vector is of length 1, but with the correct orientation
UnitVector.x = (Destination.x - Tank.x)/DistanceBetweenDestinationAndTank
UnitVector.y = (Destination.y - Tank.y)/DistanceBetweenDestinationAndTank
// Get the vector at the desired length, which give the x/y movement required
TranslationVector.x = UnitVector.x * DistanceToGo 
TranslationVector.y = UnitVector.y * DistanceToGo 
// Update the tank position with the calculated translation
Tank.x = Tank.x + TranslationVector.x
Tank.y = Tank.y + TranslationVector.y

`^2` means to put that value at square (value*value). Check your language proper syntax for that.

I hope this helps :)

I’m new to unity but this should work,
In your update function create a variable that holds the position of the mouse, this will be updated every sec.
Make another one that holds the position of your tank.

Make an if statement like so.

If ( mouse.position.x>tank.position.x)