Have a Timer Counts To 5 sec. Then Make a Sphere Appear While Using Instantiate

Hey guys I need help on a game that I am helping to create. It requires me to have a sphere on a plane of which I need to instantiate. This sphere would appear in the center of the plane after 5 seconds. The sphere is also a prefab. This is what I have so far:

var timer;

Var Totalseconds;

function createtimer (timerID, Time) {


= document.getelementbyID(TimerID) ;


= Time;

UpdateTimer ( )


“Tick()”, 1000) ;


function Tick ( ) {

TotalSeconds -= 1;

UpdateTimer ( )

window.settimeout ("Tick ()", 1000 ;


Function Tick ( ) {

if (Tpta;secpmds <= 0 {

// Trigger Function (Instantiation)

TotalSeconds -=1;

UpdateTimer ( ) 

Window.setTimeout ("Tick ( )", 1000) ;


//Timer Countdown on runtime, Object instantiates upon countdown completion as “tech demo”

Thank you very much to this community and anyone who can help. :slight_smile:

Ok some points:

  • Unity uses UnityScript and not ECMAScript (aka Javascript). UnityScript has a similar syntax like Javascript, but is a different language.
  • Unity isn’t a website. You can’t use a “window” object like you do in a webpage. The environment in a browser looks way different than in Unity.
  • UnityScript is (like Javascript) case-sensitive, so “Var” and “var” is not the same thing.
  • You should give every variable a type or you might get in trouble since the compiler can’t tell the type at compile-time. It is possible to use dynamic variables, but they are quite slow.
  • To execute a function at a specific interval you can use InvokeRepeating