Have Dll for build only and for editor only


I have Dll plugins who i specially set for standalone build and other plugins special for editor play in an Editor folder into my Asset folder.
They are same .Dll with some little exeption but they have the sames classes, ect …
And I still have namespace missing on my script in Editor mode because unity don’t find my Editor Dll Folder i think.

Someone have an idea how to fix this ?

So i found a solution who work for me by renaming my Dll.

If you have a plugin : “Thing.dll”
You need to create a copy and rename it “Thing.Editor.dll” after this you can put it in a folder but with a name who is not “Editor”

( Of course your Dll are Editor settings only for editor dll and standalone for the dll to build)

Just click on the DLL and you can edit so that one DLL is only used in Editor mode and one DLL is used for Standalone mode. That solved it for me.