Have only "Near" lightmaps

Resumed question: Is there anyway of having only one set of lightmaps containing indirect lighting and AO, while still getting dynamic shadows, like the “Near” lightmaps?

Description: It goes kinda like this:

  • The game is suppose to be played mostly online, which makes the size of the build quite important

  • The whole scene will be lit by one directional light

  • The visual effect of using LM greatly improves the game feel, which makes it a desired feature to be included

  • If I bake the scene using both LM sets from the Dual LM rendering path, the build will get excessively big to be played online

  • Rendering in the DLM rendering path, deleting the far set and setting the Shadow Distance to “really freaking far” disables the LM feature altogether

So, yeah, this is my fix. Anyone has an answer to this?

I greatly appreciate the attention of everyone.

There is “single lighmap mode” (in Bake tab), that leaves only Near lightmaps. Although I don’t remember how that works with shadows.