have player collider stay under camera OVR player controller

Hi, I am creating an oculus game and i noticed that my player collider does not stay underneath the camera. I found a video that should resolve the problem except it was a year old and the settings are not the same the picture is what my character camera constraint looks like.152078-camera-constraint.jpg


Hi, I’ve the same problem in my project, but I donwload an early version and search the specific script (Character Camera Constraint) and replace it in the project.

There’s the file:

Hi, I’ve a similar problem.
Now I’ve deleted the player controller and I’m using only the OVR camera rig, without the Character Camera Constraint.
I’ve added capsule collider into the center eye anchor, adding a script to it to lock all rotations and the Y axis movement (because it was having some annoying variations with head movements).

This seams to work, the only thing I’m still struggling about is that now the capsule isn’t affected by gravity anymore… I’ve tryed everything and still found no solutions for this.

Have you found any other solutions?