Have polygons or an texture viewable from the same angle when camera rotates [Solved]

So I want to make appealing graphics with out being too demanding on processing power, kind of like a early 6 gen game and wii game, so to the point I would want to make things like grass be viewable from every angle when the camera rotates or something like that any idea’s how to go about implanting this into the code or maybe a prefab or something, I use blender to model by the way

You can take objects and billboard them to the camera. Here are a couple of billboards scripts from the Unity Wiki:



These scripts assume that front is facing a certain direction, so, depending on how you authored your assets, they made need to be tweaked. In addition, for individual game objects, you would want to implement some sort of texture atlas to get them to batch together.

But typically what is align is a quad (four vertices and two triangles) of some sort with a texture on it, not a polygon. Taking it a step further, often for 2D elements in a 3D space, multiple quads are implemented as quads in a single mesh with a texture atlas and uv coordinates to fill the quads as appropriate. You would not think of doing grass as separate game objects. And even further, you may want to consider a shader that does the billboarding, rather than doing in your code. If you Google for “Unity shader billboard,” you will find a number of hits including complete shaders for free. Here are two links to shaders (I have not tested them):