Have problem with post processing effects, it's doesn't work.

Hello! I have a problem with post processing in my scene. I add layer for this, create post processing layer in my main camera, and have an empty with the same layer and post processing volume. I checked hundred of tutorials and have read huge amount of answers, but can’t fix anything. In my game and scene no any effects, emission have not any glow around, I use LWRP. I need help to understand why i don’t have effects, pls help!

Are you using Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6? If so, it says here: Troubleshooting | Post Processing | 2.3.0
“Post-processing doesn’t work on MacOS X 10.11.6 when running Metal in the editor due to a driver bug on this specific version of the OS.”

I am also having this problem and I am incredibly infuriated. However, I have not tried to make a build on my Android yet. So maybe post processing will work in the build.

Same issue here. Exactly same code working on Unity on Windows (I’m using Git to synch the repo). Even If I build it, on MacOS, in the game I can’t see glow effect, while on Windows it even works in the editor…

EDIT: on windows works in the editor but not when built.

Same here