Have some strange problem with Resources.Load


I have strange problem with Resources.Load. I have prefab within Resource folder. That prefab loading fine… but not always. Sometimes it load. Sometimes not. I verified what happens and it seems sometimes Resources.Load doesn’t see any prefab within resource folder!! I tried load all resources and see what I have:

        var objects = Resources.LoadAll("");
        string error = "";
        foreach (var o in objects)
            string assetPath = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(o);
            if (assetPath.Contains("Assets/*****/Resources"))
                error += $"assetPath {assetPath} Object = {o} 


If all works as it should code show prefabs in selected list. But if Resources.Load failed, in that list I don’t see a single prefab.

Any idea what it could be? Unity version 2019.4.16

I’m having that problem, too. Here is a forum threat with more infos and some solutions: https://forum.unity.com/threads/since-unity-2019-4-15-resources-load-calls-all-fail-until-i-rebuild.1010290/