Have texture ignore lighting?

I have some planes that I am using for minimap locators that have textures applied to them. As they appear physically in the scene (above the map camera being rendered to a minimap cam) they are above the main scene’s light source, and, as such appear very dark in the scene. Is there a way to have the textures ignore light and be bright regardless of external factors?

When I was testing it with the inbuilt Unity colour picker I was able to set the material type to GUI and it was extremely bright. However when I select the appropriate texture through the code even though the material is still set to be a GUI/Text Shader it still comes out really dark.

The reason I need to use textures over colour is that the final image on the minimap is an icon and thus needs some more detail than simple colours would provide. I’d like to try and avoid adding another light source just for these if there is another way around it.

I ended up using this answer which seems to have worked.