Have trouble with UI arrangement.

I have some trouble with arranging UI elements. I thought that objects in canvas are drawn from top to bottom and the lowest one should appear in the front, but it don’t seem to be the case. I probably am missing something.

Now when I try to move the joystick back, it seem to takes everything other than the box with it.
I apologize if this is a duplicate question, but I really can’t find any solution.

a) Change your view from 2d to 3d (press the 2d under the scene button next to the dropdown)
b) change the z-position manually

You might want to restart Unity if it is not rendering from top to bottom, otherwise you should start simple and just make the new text object, continue button and box, and first get that working. When you have those 3 working you just add your old UI and see when something goes wrong.