Have two canvas's per scene i need help with an error message

I have two types of canvas. It works by the player walking into the yellow orb and the text pops up I’m planning on having more than one text orb per scene. Im a complete noob at this, and learning to code on my own is tuff so id appreciate the help.

i have two images showing both of them and i also have an error that i see resulting in having two canvas’s.

Multiple EventSystems in scene… this is not supported

i tried looking it up but a lot of stuff is outdated but there might be a way to cycle through like setting true and false so this won’t pop up…help :slight_smile:


Let me know if you need too see the script showing the canvas.

Use one canvas. Create several Text Elements. Keep them empty and fill them with a string in script.

You will need:

using UnityEngine.UI;

public Text yourText;
private string yourString = "Text here";

yourText.text = yourString;

Something like this.

Read the error message carefully - it’s very explicit. There’s no problem having multiple canvases; it states you can’t have more than one Event System in a scene.
So just delete any extra Event Systems from your scene hierarchy.