Have Unity limitation about game genre?

Hello, dear Developers and Community,

Have Unity limitation about game genre?

Maybe one of next don’t allow for creation games using Unity3d?

simulation (technical, military, scientific, medicine, other life simulators);
sexually explicit;
I was read, that some other Game SDK have limitations like this. Have Unity3d some from this limitations?

And second question. Unity3d Personal is will be updated in future too? Or updated will be only Pro version?


1.) Yes there are some limitations. See Unity Software License Agreement 4.x

2.) There is only one version of Unity. “Personal” and “Pro” refer to the licence type- the editor software you use is identical.

tanoshimi, big thank you for reply.

I was read it now. Sory, but I can find only next limitations:

  1. gambling;
  2. distribute more than 1,000 electronic devices or systems - it mean, that I can’t sell game more than for 1,000 devices?
  3. remake, redistribute, other SDK for other persons. I understand. It’s obvious.
  4. Full limitations for multiplayer games. I can’t understand this.

I don’t can find any limitations about game genre. Only don’t gambling.
I’m dont find any genre limitations from examples of my question.

About one version for Pro and Personal licences I was understand. Thank you.