Having 1 Animation control multiple different Weapons?

I have a Character with different selectable Weapons (Scythes) Is it possible to make 1 Animation with 1 Scythe and the Character and continue using this Animation for all different Scythes?

The Scythe itself has some keyframes too and im guessing these dont apply if the Object that has been animated with is not active but instead another Weapon of the same Parent is set to Active.

Is there a way to apply these keyframes to all other Scythes?

Its about a 3D Game btw.

You can try using Mecanim

From my understanding, as long as the different character models(or arm model or what ever you use) is rigged the same, the single animation should work with different models. I could be wrong about that, and I also think that it might be a better solution over Mechanim. You may also need to switch the animtion type for each model to Humanoid, Generic, or Legacy. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I figured a way around this, atleast for my situiation. I just could put a tiny cube inside the forearm that all the scythes get parented to. This cube will get animated and because the other scythes are parented to it, it should rotate it too.