Having 6x times more vertices than in 3d max.

Hello guys! I know this question have been asked many many times, but we could live with thing that we have 2x times more vertices in unity, but having 6x times more vertices is too much.

We used 3d max,blender. 3d max shows 1.800 verts, in unity i have 11.000. I disabled everything lightning,skybox etc. On scene i have camera and model. Using the mobile diffuse shader.
However triangle count remains the same in 3d max and unity.

I know there are different calculations in unity, but what can add 6x times more vertices?

The stats window will show more verticies depending on the shader being used. So, if you’re using a multipass shader on an object of say 100 verticies, let’s say the shader is using 6 passes, it would show 600, as that’s how many verticies are being RENDERED.

Global Illumination, shader, lighting, etc all play a role into it.